Syringe feedings, the memory I completely forgot

To celebrate World Breastfeeding week, I decided to go through old photos from my son’s birth looking to see if our first latch was captured. I saw this image my husband took the day after delivery, suddenly I was hit with a dozen memories I completely forgot. The photo is blurry and out of focus but this photo reminded me of how my little guy and I had a rough start on our breastfeeding journey.

I had to supplement nursing with pumped colostrum, as he would fall asleep after nursing causing him not get enough nutrients. The syringe feedings felt so unnatural but knowing that he was getting the nutrients he needed eased my mind. We continued these syringe feedings for about two weeks and finally after a consultation and training from a lactation consultant we were able to exclusively nurse. So grateful to have had this photo captured, to remind me of a tiny part of his life story that time had faded. Funny how exhaustion and mommy brain can leave huge gaps in our memory.

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