Why I post my breast online

The first time I saw a mother breastfeed her child, I was 22, in Mexico, shopping at a market. Yes 22 years old, before I saw the beauty of nursing. I remember feeling so moved yet sad for her, as I ignorantly assumed that it was all she could afford to feed her child. My ignorance blinded me to the fact that this woman was so strong, beautiful and giving her baby the best nourishment of all. Fast forward to when I was pregnant and it was suggested that I breastfeed, I immediately remarked “no” as I hadn’t seen anyone that looked like me do it so clearly it wasn’t in my baby or my best interest. The breastfeeding messages continued from other moms and my healthcare provider so I decided to do my own little research. I was blown away by my findings, which included higher immunity in babies, less colic and a decreased rate of SIDS in babies who are breastfed. I knew in that moment that I would need to try my hardest to breastfeed. Within a few minutes of my littles entry into this world, we began our journey. I was very blessed to be able to breastfeed both of my children successfully. It was exhausting and at times I wanted to give up but my husband kept encouraging me to keep going, support is so needed when you feel like giving up.I am forever thankful that he and other encouraged me along the way. As a way to support and encourage other moms to keep going I always celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness in August by posting a photo of myself nursing. It is vulnerable and scary to put myself out there but I do so in hopes that sharing myself and other mothers breastfeeding that it will lessen the stigma and make breastfeeding normal. I don’t want another woman to not see her options until she is 22, like me. I people to see breastfeeding as a common practice, not just something other cultures do. Often times sharing has lead to important conversations with friends which is the first step in creating change. So I will continue to post nursing, breasts and birth pictures as a way to create change in my own little community.


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